1. FIRST  -Go to the PRIVATE Facebook - (CLICK HERE) Community  Forum.   Ask your support question there.
    That PRIVATE page is for members to help other members.
  2. If the question is too sensitive and you do not want it to be in the PRIVATE page- please fill out form below.
  3. If this is an emergency and cannot wait please fill out form and call our emergency hotline: 615-578-9133.

NOTE - The Community Forum for on Facebook is the customer service bloodline.
We are able to keep our costs down by having all members contribute to helping out other Auctioneers.


Please contact Auctioneer for questions about a particular sale.
You will find their information on the sale at Or fill out form below.


  1. Please visit the FAQ page and fill out the form at the bottom of that page.
  2. If you want to become a Seller with please go to: Sell With APRo
*this site usually answers with-in 20 minutes.
If you are providing auction address please go to the auction and copy/paste the URL. We need this information to better support your needs.