Our Base site is anything but basic, we built the base package to be the most cost efficient and easy way for an auctioneer to get a website online. We think it includes most of what you need.

Apro has two levels of pricing, one for Friends of Apro, and one for any other auctioneer.  What are “friends of Apro” you ask? Friends of Apro get discounts on many of our services by signing a service commitment to host at least 10 auctions every 12 months.




Commitment to host 10+ auctions every 12 months on Apro

WordPress Content Management System

Cross Platform Auctions via Apro & AuctionLooks partnership

Up to 5 Custom Content Pages

Up to 3 Contact Forms

Links to up to 5 Social Media Accounts 

 (accounts must be provided)

1 Social Media feed integration embed 

 (account must be provided)

Integrate Google Analytics (account must be provided)

Email signup for Auction Alerts (Mailchimp or Constant Contact account must be provided)

Friends of APro



$199 / year




$49 / month